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E for Effort

Been thinking a lot about effort lately. I was talking with a new client a few weeks ago and they were telling me about all the work they had to do while working with their previous agent. Now, to be honest, we all drop the ball and sometimes fall short. I strive to give the best customer service possible but I know I am not at 100%.........yet. But this horror story was something else. I won't go into details but it did lead to a new team phrase, "The agent works hard for the client, the client doesn't work."

Effort is more than sticking a sign in the yard and kicking back. Effort is more than having some automated emails sent to the customer. Effort is showing up and doing the work. There are those times that the deal is incredibly smooth and goes off without a hitch with hardly any effort. Any one in Real Estate will tell you those are rare. The other 98.9% of the time it's about the work. You have to show up, know the business, know the trends, and know what your client is saying. Effort is not always a physical act, sometimes it's a quite conversation and digging to the WHY of the transaction. Why do they need a main level garage? Why is it important to be in or near a specific neighborhood? Why is wallpaper a deal killer? I hear stories every week about picky clients and think: Is it the client or the agent showing them the wrong house?

At the end of the day we work for the client. I can't stop them from seeing a home even if I know it's not right. That is where effort takes over, knowing if a particular listing is right or wrong. That can range from smaller aesthetic issues like knowing if the property needs new carpet or even bigger concerns such as if the listing even has enough legal bedrooms.

On a recent listing the husband asked me one question, "Do you answer your phone?" I usually joke and say until Siri can do it for me, but I could tell this was important. I answered, "Yes, my business runs on the phone. Have you had problems in the past?" Come to find out, yes. Something as simple as answering the phone is the difference in winning new business. I tell all my clients to test me. I challenge them to have friends and/or neighbors call the number on the sign and time me. No one responds faster than me.

If some one has to ask for feedback or follow up then I am not doing my job. We work hard for the client, the client does not work.

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